As a professional ballet dancer, I knew about Pilates, but it wasn’t until a serious injury (plus a lot of wear and tear) started impeding me from doing what I loved that I decided to give Pilates a try. Meeting Teresa was life changing. Her knowledge and awareness of the human body showed me I could count on her and entrust her with my injuries. Putting a band-aid on the problem is not really Teresa’s style. She wants you to deepen your self-awareness, find the root of the problem and strengthen the required muscles to help you to care for your body long term. A lot has changed with my body in the 5 + years I’ve been seeing her, and every year I feel stronger as I step back on stage.”

-Ricardo G

I can’t say enough about Teresa. She has changed my life and my body. There’s nothing greater than a teacher and trainer who listens—her patience is unwavering. Thank you!”

-Krista V

Teresa should be cloned. She is compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable in Pilates principles, both physical and psychological. She is a true professional and her studio is a relaxing sanctuary. Again, she should be cloned, so she could help more people to achieve their goals! I have and always will recommend her, 100%!”

-Flora M

Having Teresa as a Pilates instructor is like finding a rare gem. She is the most dedicated, committed and caring instructor that I have ever worked with. Teresa’s Pilates sessions are not routine workouts. She has an amazing ability to be able to identify my physical needs, as they are ever-changing, and customize each session so that I leave feeling revitalized, stronger and healthier. I only wish that I could start every day with a session with Teresa!”

-Wendy T

I am a ballet dancer and I move my body all over the place, all day long. My weekly Pilates class with Teresa is the only way I have found to regroup my body and go back to work with a stronger center of my body. Teresa is a wonderful teacher; she has a lot of patience and focuses on details that allow me to get a deeper understanding of my body, which benefits both my dancing as well as my daily life. Thank you Pilates and Teresa.”


I’ve have been fortunate to work with Teresa for about 10 years. I’m in my 70s but feel stronger and more flexible than I did in my 50s. Teresa’s instruction is detailed and precisely tailored, helping me get the best result from Pilates sessions.”

-Ann K

I have been studying Pilates with Teresa for several years. I had taken Pilates classes before, but with Teresa it is an entirely different experience. Her knowledge and intuition in knowing what exercises my body needs is truly amazing. Each session is totally driven by how my body is reacting to various exercises and what she feels is important to work on. Her extremely personalized method has allowed me to achieve greater body awareness, gain strength and improve my posture. All these skills I can then carry into the movements of my everyday life. I would highly recommend Pilates with Teresa to anyone at any stage of life and fitness level.”

-H L

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

– Joseph Pilates