“As a professional ballet dancer, I have been practicing Pilates to help me with my career for almost ten years. Over two years ago, I joined the Romana’s Pilates certification method and am currently an apprentice with the program. I have studied and observed Pilates from some of the master teachers around the country. After getting a job with the Sarasota Ballet and relocating to Sarasota, I found Teresa. It is not until after studying with Teresa that I can now say I understand the true meaning of Pilates.

As a dancer, I have never felt as confident as I do today after working weekly with Teresa. Other dancers, my director and ballet teachers have noticed from me an increase in strength, center of balance and stamina. Teresa has retrained my body, ‘working in layers,’ to make me find my true powerhouse and has taught me how to lengthen and strengthen muscles I didn’t even know existed! She also kept me in top shape when I had a stress fracture, which allowed me to recover and return to the stage much quicker than normal.

As a Romana’s Pilates apprentice, she has given me a new view on what it is like to be a Pilates teacher. She enthusiastically answers any questions I have with my own teaching and is always giving me brilliant ideas of what to say or do for different clients.

I feel more than lucky that I have found Teresa, I feel blessed. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but she is also a wonderful person. There is a quote from Joseph Pilates that says, ‘Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.’ I hope that everyone has the chance to experience Teresa’s Patience, persistence and passion for the work of Pilates, and I hope I can one day pass it on.”