“I have enjoyed my Pilates experience with Teresa Kruger more than any other physical development program. I am in my fourth year with Teresa and notice how we have both grown and improved in our understanding of the principles laid down by Joseph Pilates who had, in my opinion, a genius’ insight into the human body. I am on my feet for hours every day working with my patients, and Pilates has enabled me to stand with awareness in such a balanced way that I have overcome unconscious tendencies that were putting undue strain on my body and causing fatigue and poor posture. Now I work with greater ease and have more energy during and after healing sessions. Pilates has influenced the way I sit, stand, walk, drive and feel my core strength. Working with Teresa is a unique pleasure. I enjoy Teresa’s whimsical and humorous verbal cues and have fun even while stretching and strengthening my body in ways that involve a degree of physical exertion. I highly recommend Pilates to all ages and both genders, as it is an education that no other modality provides in such a safe and structured way. If you are a veteran yogi, as I am, it will improve your practice of physical yoga. If you do any physical activity, be it golf or dancing, Pilates will transform your performance, endurance, and enjoyment. The changes in my strength and physical well-being have given me the commitment to continue Pilates training on a regular basis as the results and benefits are so clear. My only regret is that we did not take before and after photographs.”